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Professor Nava Ben-Zvi Awarded Israel Prize for Life Achievement in Education

Professor Nava Ben-Zvi, Head of Beit Berl College’s Master of Teaching in the Sciences program, received the 2018 Israel Prize for Life Achievement in Education, the state's highest cultural honor. Prof. Ben-Zvi is a lifelong educator who invested endlessly in integrating ethnic minorities and people with learning disabilities into the higher education system in Israel. The prize committee, headed by retired Justice Sarah Frisch, called Ben-Zvi, "a trailblazer in the field of accessibility of materials to the Internet, with the understanding that children learn and internalize through learning experiences. She was one of the founders of the Open University, for reasons of making education accessible to all the populations. Prof. Ben-Zvi worked to shore up study programs in mathematics … which provides an answer to excellent students from all sectors of Israeli society."

Prof. Ben Zvi, a chemist by profession, was a longtime professor at the Hebrew University, having served as Chair of the Center for Science Studies, Head of the Department of Science Education and Director of the Multimedia Center. She is the former President of the Hadassah Academic College and was one of the founders of the Open University and the Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web Based Learning. Today, Prof. Ben-Zvi is the Chairperson of the Center for Excellence in Education in Jerusalem, the body responsible for the Israeli Academy of Arts and Sciences, and heads the M.Teach program in the sciences at Beit Berl College, the only program in Israel to offer a Master of Teaching in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer and Environmental Science.

Congratulations Professor Ben-Zvi! Thank you for your years of work and commitment to elevating education in Israel for all!

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