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President Tamar Ariav Presents at Shared Society Conference in New York

​​Beit Berl College President, Professor Tamar Ariav, spoke at Sikkuy’s 2018 seminar on new strategies for advancing equality and shared society for Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel. Prof. Ariav was among a select list of distinguished speakers on the subject, and the only representative from an academic institution to present at the one-day event in New York. Prof. Ariav set out before the audience of activists, philanthropists and non-profit professionals that education can and must close economic gaps by providing tools to enter the workforce on an equal level. She explained that Israel needs a national policy aimed at teacher education with appropriate funding and implementation opportunities in the education system. Prof Ariav shared that our teachers are most powerful tools for advancing a shared society and strengthening the economy and the social fabric by decreasing achievement gaps, enhancing an inclusive attitude among students, and contributing to the cohesiveness of the Israeli society and culture.

Under Professor Ariav’s directive, Beit Berl College established the Center for the Advancement of Shared Society in 2015-16, to change the way Israeli teachers see our society and teach our children. Read more about the Center’s activities. For the full seminar program​. 
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