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Faculty for Counseling, Therapy, and Educational Support

Dean of Faculty: Dr. Hana Himi

We are living in an era that forces all of us to cope with changes, uncertainty, and new challenges. This creates an opportunity for us as educators to initiate and promote meaningful change that places attention to the emotional-educational world at the center of action.

This change will empower us to provide emotional support for students, parents, and peers and to help expand psychological resilience. As part of the educational revolution we are leading at Beit Berl College, we have established the Faculty of Counseling, Therapy, and Educational Support. The Faculty is based on an innovative approach that provides contemporary tools for providing counseling, guidance, and therapy in various emotional settings. The Faculty centers around master’s degree programs that provide students with an advanced capacity for emotional reflection in order to optimize the conditions for learning: educational counseling, the advancement of youth at risk and in distress, learning disabilities, and art therapy. 

Beit Berl is proud to be leading the revolution in education by opening this new Faculty, which also offers professional and personal advantages to tomorrow’s educators!

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