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פרטי התקשרות
שעות קבלה
דואר אלקטרוני

Arabic Language and Literature

A combination of classical and modern across cultures in the societies of the Middle East and North Africa

The Department of Arabic Language and Literature offers an innovative curriculum combining classical and modern Arabic and crossing literary genres, cultures and religions. The curriculum includes literature, media, religion, society and Arabic culture in the societies of the Middle East and North Africa. 

The curriculum

​The basic program includes learning a vocabulary and reading the daily press as well as studying the verb system and syntax of the Arabic language. At a later stage students specialize in modern Arabic literature, are exposed to the written, electronic and broadcast media, and learn translation skills, spoken Arabic, Middle Eastern studies and Islam.

Spoken Arabic at all levels

​The Department of Arabic Language and Literature considers it extremely important to study spoken Arabic and offers courses at all levels from beginners to Arabic speakers. The program is suitable for everyone, from full-time students and students from other departments, through students in honors programs and Arabic teachers, to the general public.

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