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Bible Studies

Our roots in Israel, its landscapes, holidays and stories, grew out of the Bible

The Bible is the common denominator of the Jewish people through the ages and denominations. Our roots in Israel, its landscapes, holidays and stories, grew out of the Bible. The curriculum trains teachers to teach Bible in primary and high school, and to provide students with an intellectual, emotional and challenging experience learning and teaching the Bible. In this department future teachers learn how to ask questions about identity and look for the answers in a process that contributes to their personal development as human beings and conscientious educators.

The curriculum

This program provides tools for in-depth self-study while developing a critical view, means and methods to make Bible teaching fascinating. The program emphasizes the centrality of the Bible in the life of the Jewish people, and the development of reading and understanding skills of the various literary genres: the biblical story, biblical poetry, prophecy, law and biblical literature.

Program goals

  • Providing skills for reading and understanding (including biblical cantillation for fluent reading).
  • Developing a thorough knowledge of the historic, cultural and social context that gave rise to the biblical literature and the prevailing theories of biblical research.
  • Thorough acquaintance with the different genres and their poetic characteristics.
  • Teaching and learning skills that integrate new technologies in Bible teaching.
  • Studying biblical literature as an opportunity for teachers in training to explore their values and identities. 

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