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English Language and Literature

English Linguistics, Literature and Language skills

​English today is the world's language of wider communication, used in every walk of life, such as: business, media, academia, politics, science and technology.  The centrality of the English language and culture makes the English Department, with English as a medium of instruction, relevant to and accommodating for a wide and diverse populations of students, native speakers of different languages. The English Department is at the spearhead of academic activities playing a pivotal role in enhancing international academic collaborations of research and instruction.

The curriculum

​The linguistic studies concern the fundamentals of form and function of the English language, and its use and development among diverse populations. 

The literature studies include the best of the poetry and prose in the English speaking world, with a division into different genres, theoretical and analytical perspectives, and historical periods.

The language skills studies include advanced oral and academic writing proficiency courses.

Program goals

  • To provide the student with a broad and specific knowledge base necessary for a wide range of occupations with an applied orientation such as English teaching, writing, editing, translation, and applications to other fields  such as communication and media human resources, public relations and diplomacy.
  • To equip the students with a high level of oral and written skills in the English language.
  • To address the influences of the 21st century on contemporary language and literature.
  • To provide the students with analytical and critical thinking skills as well as research experience necessary for advanced academic studies.
  • To develop channels of academic collaboration with institutions of higher education worldwide.

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