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Geography: humanity and the environment

Geographical processes, the environment and humanity in the age of globalization

Geography studies provide an academic education in the areas of human geography and physical geography. The curriculum covers various interdisciplinary subjects including humanity and the environment, geology, climate and weather, economics, cities and urbanization, society and space, historical geography, geopolitics, environmental resources and globalization. In addition, it includes the in-depth study of specific geographical areas of the world with a focus on the Middle East and Israel. The program also emphasizes environmental studies in the context of human intervention. The department provides a teaching certificate in geography – humanity and the environment for high school, or a combined teaching certificate in geography, society and civics for primary school (grades 2-4). Graduates can also find employment in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Jewish National Fund, municipalities and government ministries.

The curriculum

  • ​Earth science, geology, climate, and geomorphology of people and places.
  • Issues in the environment, the geography of living spaces, regional climate, the geography of the Middle East and the world in the global age.
  • Developing tools to study issues related to global, regional and local processes.
  • Developing skills of class teaching and external guiding as a learning experience.

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