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דואר אלקטרוני

Hebrew Language

Acquiring knowledge of the Hebrew language, its sources and styles, to improve written and oral expression

The specialization in and full command of the Hebrew language provide useful tools for any teacher in training. These skills are important for teachers whether they wish to teach language as a specialization or to improve their own language skills for oral or written instruction.

We teach students Hebrew language theory while relying on modern linguistic research methods from several aspects: a cross-section of linguistic layers – Biblical Hebrew, Mishnaic Hebrew, Medieval Hebrew and Contemporary Hebrew; Social cross-sections: dialects, sociolects and registers; and linguistic branches: Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology, Sentence Syntax and Text Syntax, Semantics and Meaning.

Program goals

  • ​To teach Hebrew language theory, its historic periods and styles;
  • To improve written and oral communication (discussion, rhetoric, speaking to a classroom);
  • To develop grammatical thinking and a linguistic approach and provide tools to solve problems in Hebrew language teaching;
  • To provide practical tools to students who do not wish to become teachers and who want to continue studying in other frameworks: language editing, translation, press and media, advertising, lawyering, teaching Hebrew as a second language to new immigrants and Arab citizens, teaching Hebrew as a foreign language abroad.

The curriculum

​The curriculum includes courses on the study of text and language from the structural aspect, general linguistics, advanced courses on the theory of the various layers of the Hebrew language, and courses to improve oral and written expression and complement knowledge of practical grammar.

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