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The study of human life in the past to understand the present and to shape the future

Understanding the past helps us negotiate the present and shape the future more judiciously. Delving into historic research leads us to knowledge and insights that provide us with a deeper and more sober perspective on the events and processes occurring in the present, gives us an experience of discovery and meaning, and contributes to the development of our personal and collective identities.

Besides the familiar study of events and ideas on the political and ideological levels, we also focus on everyday life patterns in the context of the home, the family, the community, work, the economy, education, leisure, recreation, food, fashion, medicine, transportation and more.

The curriculum

  • ​Exposes the students to enriching, multidisciplinary and interactive historic investigation, using a wide range of audiovisual aids, tours of historic sites, museum visits and meetings with involved witnesses.
  • Provides thorough knowledge as to the main ideological and methodological schools which are active in the field of historic research.
  • Carefully integrates the understanding of the central processes and struggles in general history with the Jewish history from ancient times to the present.

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