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Israel Studies

Deepening interdisciplinary knowledge, guiding skills and tools for studying the people, nature and land of Israel

The Israel Studies Department trains teachers and educators in the subject of Israel studies and Shelach (field-nation-society) studies, and teaches to become Ministry of Education tour guides.

Graduates can find employment in schools, various teaching units such as field schools, hiking groups in the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Jewish National Fund, municipalities and government ministries.

The curriculum

The curriculum includes three main subjects combined in one, comprising landscape and man in Israel;
  • Geology, geomorphology and climate.
  • Flora and fauna in Israel, the environment in Israel.
  • Geography, archaeology, history, religion, and society in Israel, and chapters in Zionist history.

The theoretical studies combine field trips to various parts of the country, training and guiding skills and field activities.

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