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Jewish Culture

Moral and practical answers of Jewish culture to current questions and challenges

​The education system has set itself the goal of deepening education in Jewish Culture to bridge the gap created in recent generations between Israeli students and their heritage. The Department of Jewish Culture is joining this national-social mission through a unique curriculum that provides knowledge and thinking skills in various fields of the Jewish cultural heritage.

The curriculum

The program addresses questions and challenges on the social agenda of present-day Israel and the world such as social-economic disparities, consumer culture - its social and ecological consequences; social solidarity and so on - and the moral and practical responses Jewish culture has offered through history, such as development of the welfare community in the Talmudic era, ways to deal with impulses and their place in our lives; building healthy marriages and families; treatment of the "other” and more. The program will discuss responses to various issues in Jewish literature, from the Bible through the Talmud to modern thought.

Program goals

  • ​Training teachers for the new subject of Jewish cultural heritage and Jewish thought, given the increasing demand for teachers in those subjects in the public school system.
  • Providing basic literary, ideological and philosophical literacy in the foundational texts of Jewish culture (Second Temple literature, the Talmud, Jewish philosophical thought and literature).
  • Introduction to approaches to the social questions facing Israeli society in the areas of identity, justice and social solidarity as reflected through halachic literature and Jewish thought through the ages.
  • Training educators to confront the social-cultural challenges of Israel today out of a working knowledge of philosophical models and fundamentals based on Jewish heritage through the ages.

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