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Extension of Teaching Certification

​Beit Berl invites you to study in a unique one-year study program (2023-24) to extend your teaching certificate and become an English teacher. 


  • One year (two semesters, winter, and spring 2023-2024)
  • F2f & Online courses- 2 days a week (Mondays and Tuesdays from 14:00-20:00) 
  • All courses taught in English
  • Option of practice teaching at your school 
  • Option of secondary or multi track certification 
  • Personal and individual support throughout

Admission requirements

  • First degree in any subject (minimum passing grade of 75) 
  • Teaching certificate and license
  • Letter of recommendation from English inspector  
  • An oral and written interview 


Students accepted to the program will receive a refund of the tuition fee from the Ministry of Education - see link.

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