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English Tutors Program

Head of program: Yael Lev

Objective: This program will provide graduates with a comprehensive knowledge package of everything needed to start a private English teaching business. The program includes both didactic and pedagogical tools, digital tools for online teaching, business tools, hands-on experience with students and more. All of these will allow students to gain all the necessary tools for succeeding in a desired and profitable occupation - teaching English in a private setting.

Target Audience: The program is aimed at candidates  who can speak English at the level of a native speaker and who wish to teach English, private lessons, small groups, or at private English language schools.

Contents: Up-to-date tools for teaching English as a foreign language, diverse and innovative teaching methods, including the use of technology, games and creative tools. Students will also get a chance to experience teaching struggling pupils during the course.
Some of the topics included in the program:
  • Teaching grammar and vocabulary acquisition.
  • Teaching English to students with Learning Disabilities.
  • Teaching English - for the young learner.
  • Teaching English online.
The program includes practical work (practicum) with students, accompanied and supervised by an experienced teacher. 

As part of the program, training will be provided relating to business aspects as well, including marketing, price setting, different policies, financial conduct and more - all the Basics tools needed for starting a private business for English teaching.

Admission requirements:
An interview
No teaching certificate or college degree is required.

One year program
consisting of 156 hours. (5 hours weekly)
Tuesday 16:00 pm - 21:00 pm

* Opening of the program is dependent upon the number of registrants.

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