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Faculty of Society and Community

"A faithful study of the liberal arts humanizes character and permits it not to be cruel." Ovid

Dean of Faculty: Dr. Yifaat Tamarkin Leider

The Faculty of Society and Community combines expertise and knowledge from a number of disciplines in the humanities, culture and social sciences, all under one roof.

Our credo – a liberal arts education

We believe that being educated means having deep knowledge in one's area of expertise, exercising thinking based on broad horizons, and understanding the history of phenomena in our world. Therefore, while our students receive thorough training in one or two disciplines, the ultimate goal is for them to become familiar with the totality of knowledge that a liberal arts education can provide and to be able to appreciate its importance.  

​​Our programs allow students of all ages to acquire higher education along with personal empowerment, professional development and practical tools to deal with the challenges of modern society. 


Our faculty

​Our expert social sciences and humanities lecturers are well recognized in their academic disciplinary fields. To complement them our staff includes lecturers who are leaders with broad and comprehensive experience in a wide range of public and business organizations.

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