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Criminology and law enforcement

Beit Berl College was the first academic institution in Israel to recognize the importance of Criminology as an academic subject, and has offered it since the early 1990s. More than 1,000 students study in the program taught by more than 30 lectureres from various disciplines and areas of expertise. The curriculum is suitable for students from both enforcment and correction systems, as well as for students interested in criminology as a major in their academic degree.  

The purpose of the program is to provide students with systematic and  theoretical knowledge in criminology and related disciplines; to provide tools and the ability to understand and analyze  causes of criminality and social deviation; and  to understand how the criminal justice, legal and education systems deal with diverse types of crime and deviation.  

Students learn to develop critical thinking and analysing skills that will  benefit them in their future careers and academic studies. The curriculum addresses such questions and dilemmas as how do people become criminals? What is punishment? Does punishment deter? Are there effective alternatives to prison? What is the association between social inequality and criminality? Does a criminal career begin in adolescence? What is the connection between globalization and crime in Israel? What are the factors that affect the crime rate? Who is a victim and what is victimology? Why is migration a risk factor to maladjustment, delinquency and marginality?

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