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Defense and Homeland security

The National Security and Home Front Defense Program provides an in-depth knowledge of the field of national security in all its complexity: The change in the nature of wars and the defense of the civilian home front during crises and emergencies during wars, emergency and natural disaster preparation during peacetime, addressing all threats to the civilian home front, its readiness and resilience in such situations.

The guiding approach to this specialization views national security as a wide array of areas that influence society's resilience. Homeland security, previously known as civil defense, was once considered a marginal effort in the array of defense of the country and its citizens. Today homeland security encompasses much more and is studied also in the context in natural disasters, cyber attacks and so on, with the goal of training students to become messengers of the central idea: "Preparing Israel for optimal emergency readiness.”

The National Security and Home Front Defense Program takes a broad view of the area of national security and seeks to expand and examine knowledge about the roles of the military, emergency services, home front defense (now the front line), military and civilian authorities, and their impact on our lives during routine and emergency. The emphasis is on preparation during normal times for the possibility of crises. This approach requires a multidisciplinary perspective based on insights from diverse research fields such as strategic studies, political science, security economics, the history of Israel and its wars, community resilience, media, public policy, local government, and operating and organizing emergency services for integrated action. The program addresses the complexity of examining the phenomena and processes both theoretically and practically.

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