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Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution

In the present socioeconomic era, founded on the principles of the free market and globalization, various organizations are emerging as key players in the social, economic and political realm. Researchers from various disciplines – organizational, administrative, economic and behavioral – together study and research the organizational structure in all of its aspects, implications and hues. Their goal is to reveal the conditions, processes and causes in the work and organizational environment.

As their status rises, the organizations are required to operate in a time of rapid change and contend with external and internal conditions of instability that increase their vulnerability, force them to provide an instant response to temporal needs and to compete over resources of knowledge and human capital.

The specialization in organizational development and conflict resolution was developed in order to provide tools for the analysis and understanding of the organizational structure, its complexity and the conditions in which it exists along with tools for basic coping with conflicts and their resolution. As such it is aimed at anyone who operates within organizations and specifically those whose work concerns organizational processes, decision-making processes, managing change in an organization, training management and managing the human resource in the organization.

The program includes core courses from the forefront of knowledge of organizational research. These courses combine approaches from organizational psychology, organizational sociology, business administration, management, human resources, knowledge economics, and approaches to conflict resolution and states of conflict from the fields of politics, law, social psychology, economics, culture and even international relations.

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