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Social organization management

Social studies and civics are key to understanding the social developments and changes in our times. The Beit Berl curriculum offers a unique combination of disciplines within social sciences. The department offers basic and advanced courses in a range of disciplines including political science, civics and international relations, sociology and anthropology, economics, psychology, gender studies, media and criminology.

Studies focus on the problems and dilemmas of the individual, the family, the community, the state and the global world in which we live.

The teaching certificate program introduces students to basic theories from a broad range of subjects that allow its graduates to teach a wide range of subjects in middle and high school for the matriculation exams: civics as a compulsory subject, and the social sciences that are studied in different combinations - sociology, psychology, economics, political science, communications, criminology, media and anthropology.

The curriculum

​The program includes core studies and advanced disciplinary studies:
  • The core curriculum includes central research methodologies in civics and social sciences; basic theoretical knowledge in areas and issues such as political philosophy, the democratic system, political participation and civic society, globalization, international relations and policy.
  • The advanced disciplinary studies include courses on five axes: civics and political science, sociology and anthropology, psychology, media and social deviance and criminology.
  • Enrichment classes and activities take place beyond class teaching with the goal of enriching the students with experiences of social learning and raising their social awareness, including seminars and academic conferences.

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