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67 Graduate from Beit Berl's Center for Haredi Educators

"Today, each and every one of us, in receiving this degree, is taking a step forward to integrating into Israeli society and finding a fitting job." – Moshe Emeliech, Graduate

67 young men and women were awarded their B.Ed. degree and teaching certification at the graduation ceremony marking the successful completion of an intensive two years of studies and practicum in the Center for Haredi Educators. Graduating student Moshe Emeliech stood before his colleagues and shared he had submitted his candidacy for a managerial position within a government ministry  – a position which requires a bachelor's degree – and, thanks to his studies at Beit Berl College,  received a call that very day inviting him in  for a job interview. Among the women graduates, Shira Cohen said of their studies: "The journey we took in our studies led to the crystallization of our identity as women of education leading change." The Center for Haredi Educators, now in its fourth year, provides B.Ed. and teaching certification programs to upwards of 150 Haredi men and women each year, raising the bar of education in Haredi communities throughout the country.

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