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Beit Berl Leads International Conference on Teacher Induction

​Beit Berl College designed, hosted and led a five day international conference, November 6-10, as part of the Proteach Project, a three year international academic consortium to strengthen beginning teachers’ integration into schools and retention in the first five years of their careers. The conference was comprised of the 11 member Proteach team which includes representatives from four European universities  (Bucharest, Exeter, Salzburg and Tallinn) and five Israeli Colleges (Beit Berl, Gordon, Kaye, Kibbutzim and Sakhnin), and addressed best practices from the Israeli induction model implemented by partner schools. The first college to develop the Multi-Player Induction Team (MIT) - incubators for effective teacher induction - Beit Berl inspired the development of this model for replication and implementation at academic institutions in Israel and across Europe. In Israel, the program seeks to establish MIT groups to improve teacher retention and motivation at 12 participating schools, and empower 180 Israeli beginning teachers to serve as agents of change within their schools.
Read more about the Proteach project.

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