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Beit Berl Prof. Michal Naaman wins Israel Prize for Fine Arts

Beit Berl College Professor Michal Na’aman was named the Israel Prize Laureate for Fine Arts in 2014. “Professor Na’aman is a groundbreaking artist in the field of post-conceptual painting. She built an intellectual and passionate world that clashes and unites language and imagery, logic and mysticism. She shaped many students and influenced the development of art in Israel,” the Israel Prize Committee explained. Born in Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret in northern Israel, Na’aman holds degrees from Beit Berl College Faculty of the Arts–Hamidrasha and Tel Aviv University. She began exhibiting her works in the 1970s in Tel Aviv and later in New York, where she also attended the School of Visual Arts. In 1982, she presented at the Venice Biennale. Na’aman has inspired a generation of young artists over the last decades of teaching at Beit Berl College’s Faculty of Arts–Hamidrasha.

Beit Berl College honored Prof. Na’aman in a special reception at the opening of her latest exhibition “Mickey-Mouth” at Hamidrasha Gallery - HaYarkon 19. The exhibition displayed some thirty works of art from her four-decade career. Our thanks to Amon Yariv and Gordon Gallery for contributing to the success of the opening and providing the artist books at the reception.


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