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Seminar brings Polish and Israeli students together

"Bringing Together" (Keruv Levavot) seminar was held at Beit Berl in May 2015, uniting 13 Beit Berl students with 13 students from the Pedagogical University of Crakow. The annual seminar, held at Beit Berl and Crakow every consecutive year, focuses on the connections between Poles and Jewish and Arab Israelis in modern times, and highlights the place of history, religion, and culture and their impact on the dialog and interactions between Poles and Jews.

The seminar was led by Dr. Batya Brutin of Beit Berl and Dr. Wurud Jayusi of Beit Berl College and by Dr. Agnieszka Chłosta-Sikorska, Dr. Piotr Trojański and Dr. Hubert Chudzio of Cracow. Students were encouraged to lead the workshops and activities on campus, including an introduction to Polish and Israeli music, food, political and social issues and more. The group toured around the country together, forming ties that will hopefully last forever.

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