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This is the Time to Stand Together

We see Beit Berl College as a shared home that enables all of us to live together.  Here, followers of the three religions live in an atmosphere of mutual respect, highlighting our common values, and not that which divides us.  We believe in solutions that are based on tolerance, respect and dialogue.  Violence never resolves conflicts; it only exacerbates them.  We will get through this current crisis together, and we will not forgo our partnership. 

Prof. Yuli Tamir, President
Dr. Ilana Paul-Binyamin, Dean, Faculty of Education
Prof. Nurit Buchweitz, Dean, Faculty of Society and Culture
Prof. Kussai Haj-Yehia, Head, Arab Academic Institute
Mr. Guy Ben-Ner, Dean, HaMidrasha – Faculty of the Arts

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