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Agnieszka Legut-Zemla - No-policy approach to migrant and refugee children education in Poland.pptx
Agnieszka Ogonowska - Visual and audiovisual narratives of migrants.pptx
Agnieszka Swietek - Effective system for educating migrants and minorities.pptx
Andrzej Piasecki - Polish administration regarding the problem of migration.pptx
Anna Fin - Contemporary processes of migration from Europe to the US.ppt
Artur Piskorz - Hester Street.pptx
Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger - Differences in educational success of students .pptx
Barbel Volkel - Dialogs about histories.ppt
Beata Langer - Panorama of the cultural lifeof the Jewish community.pptx
Christiane Dätsch - Cultural translation.pdf
Christiane Hintermann - (Re)presentation of migration.pptx
Claudius Strohle - The school of migration.pptx
Dirk Rupnow - The history and presence of migration in Austria.ppt
Evana Ratner - Migrants and Refugees Creating Documentaries in Greece Using Visual Anthropology.pptx
Gilad Natan - Migration in higher Education System.pptx
Gocken Sara Tamer-Uzun - Muslim students with migration background in Germany.ppt
Grit Alter- Ties that b(l)ind.pptx
Gudrun Guttenberger - In poetry all of us are migrants .pptx
Hana Livnat - Migration and Marginalization in Childrens and young Adults Literature in Israel.ppt
Helmut Däuble and Stefanie Rhein - One of us Social membership.pptx
Iris Yaniv - Migration stories.pdf
Joanna Dybiec-Gajer - Translated selves.pptx
Joanna Rokita-Jaskow - Emotions and identity construction of multilingual Ukrainians.pptx
Julia Mirsky - Teaching future academic professionals about migrants lives .pptx
Katharine Frankel - Speaking Babylonian.ppt
Laura Volgger - Gender, migration, integration.pptx
Liat Yakhnich and Adi Binhas - Immigrant students adaptation to school.pptx
Lucie Mackova - Armenian return migration and its potential .pptx
Malgorzata Pamuła-Behrens and Szymańska - JES-PL Method Empowering Refugee and Migrant Children.pdf
Marlene Erez - Cultural encounters in migration.pptx
Naomi Shmuel - Cultural change and preservation.pptx
Ofer Zemel and Maya Ben Aharon - The impact of masculine cultural identity.pptx
Orly Haim - Teaching English to multilingual immigrant students in Israeli schools.pptx
Peter Fenn - Fear of foreigners.pptx
Philipp Kühnlein - Syrian families between Jordan and Germany.ppt
Rina Neeman - Strangers and Kinsmen- Romanian Jews and Romanian Guest Workers in Israel.pdf
Roxana Reichman - My school has saved me.pdf
Sophie Walsh and Eugene Tartakovsky - Values as predictors of attitudes.pptx
Stephan Gingelmaier - The role of sequential traumatisation and prejudice.pdf
Tomasz Padlo - The perception of space by refugees.pdf
Varda Shiffer - A centralized education system.pptx
Yael Balaban - Birds and trees metaphors of immigration in modern Hebrew literature.pptx
Zdenek Oprsal - International migration from developing countries.pptx
Zoya Cherkassky -  Pravda LA.pdf
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