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Bringing Together

"Bringing Together" (Keruv Levavot) is an annual seminar held in Israel at Beit Berl College and in Krakow, Poland at the Pedagogical University of Crakow. The seminar for students registered at Beit Berl College and the Pedagogical University, focuses on connections between Poles and Israelis in modern times. We deal with topics concerning multicultural societies and the influence of social ethnic structure in both countries. It also highlights the place of history, religion, and culture and their impact on the dialog, discussions, and interactions between Poles and Jews.


During the seminar in Israel, the students visit sites connected to Holocaust memorialization, and get to know historical and modern Israel. Students also participate in academic sessions and discussions.


During the seminar in Poland, the students participate in tours visiting the Polish and Jewish Krakow and surroundings. They participate in the annual march to remember and commemorate the evacuation of the Krakow ghetto on March 13, 1943. The students take part in academic workshops and discussions.


During the seminars in both places, the students take an active part in instruction, presenting their country and its historical and cultural characteristics and they also visit educational facilities to experience education in practice.


Approximately fifteen students from each institute participate in this project. The students from Beit Berl College are a mixed group of Israeli Jews and Arabs.

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