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Adi Binhas, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Head of 'Maof' Excellence Program
  • Lecturer in the Society & Culture Faculty and the Education Faculty
  • Chair of the steering committee of the "Center for the Advancement of Shared Society"
  • Previous positions: Head of Social Sciences and Citizenship Department; Head of Public Administration & Policy Department; Head of Organizational Development & Dispute Resolution program

Research Fields

  • Multiculturalism: Policies, Perceptions and Actions
  • Immigration Policy
  • Identity 
  • Immigrant Integration in the Education System
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Public Policy


  • Multiculturalism and Education
  • Integration Policy in Israel
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Decision-Making 
  • Change and Continuity in Israeli Society
  • Public Administration and Policy
  • Critical reading
  • Seminar: Planning, implementing and evaluating policy in educational systems

Other academic activity

  • Researcher in the international project: CHANGE. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 787177. Head of BBC Project: Dr. Hana Himi.
  • Member of Students Committee (Society & Culture Departmen (
  • Member of Center for Shared Living research group
  • Post-doc at Mofet Institute (Tel-Aviv): Immigration absorption policies. 
  • Moderator of discussion groups in conflict-ridden societies.

Selected publications

Binhas, A. (2020). "Differences between schools in implementing an immigrant-integrating policy", Immigrants and Comparative Education, Editor: Prof. Zehavit Gross, School of Education, Bar Ilan University, Israel, Brill Publication. pp: 166-188.

Binhas, A. & Cohen, N. (2019). "Policy entrepreneurship and Anti-racism Organizations", Policy Studies, pp: 1-19.

Binhas, A. & Yakhnich, L. (2019). "'You have to start from scratch and you need someone by your side': Perspectives of parents and teachers on immigrant students' adaptation to school", International Migration, 57(5), 252-270.

Binhas, A. & Arbel-Ganz, O. (2019). "Do Institutions Matter in the Age of Governance? The Jewish Agency as a Metaphor", Israel Affairs, pp: 186-203

Binhas, A. & Sabbagh, C. (2019). Immigration Policy Vis-à-vis Teachers' Perceptions of Immigrant Students: The Israeli Case, Multicultural Education Review, April, 2019.

Moskovich, Y. & Binhas, A.  (2016). The Worker’s Hotline in Israel: Simultaneous counterculture opposition and collaboration. Comparative Sociology, 15 (2): 206-231. 

Binhas, A. (2016). Are you being served? The Role of the Jewish Agency in Policymaking Processes and its Effect on Immigrants from Ethiopia in the Early 1990s. Israel Affairs, 22 (2), pp: 459-478. 

Moskovich, Y. & Binhas, A. (2015). NGOs helping immigrants: an Israeli case study of counterculture. International journal of Sociology and Social Policy volume 35 (9-10): 635-648. 

Moskovich, Y., & Binhas, A. (2014). Innovative policymaking resulting from political pressure from three non-governmental organizations: An Israeli case study. The Innovation Journal: Public Sector Innovation Journal, 19(3), 1-18.

Binhas, A. & Arbel-Ganz, O. (2015). It takes two to tango: Institutional perspective on Israeli governments and the Jewish agency as reflected by the absorption policy. Politica (Politics), 24, 64-94 (Hebrew University publication) [Hebrew].

Additional Publications

  • Sinai, R., Binhas, A., & Rockoff, Y. (2012). Toolkit for Immigrants in Serbia. Prepared by the JDC Center for International Migration and Integration (CIMI), for IOM Serbia (published in English and Serbian).
  • Academic consultation in writing: Ran, A (2017) "Training of Ethiopian Israeli Teachers and Their Integration in the teaching professions L. Yosephsberg Ben-Yehoshua (ed.) Tel Aviv: MOFET Institute.

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