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Adi Levy-Vered, Dr.

Adi Levy-Vered, Dr.​

Academic Positions

  • Head of program of School Evaluation Coordinators, "Keshet" – The Center for Professional Learning and Certificate Studies
  • Head of assessment and curriculum studies, Faculty of Education
  • A faculty member in the graduate programs
  • Member of the committee for student affairs, Faculty of Education

Research Interests

  • Assessment literacy
  • Teaching education
  • Learner assessment
  • Educational program evaluation
  • Teaching & Learning in 21st century (include E-learning courses)
  • Alternative assessment in higher education
  • Conceptions of assessment


  • Learner & learning assessment
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Statistics in education
  • Educational program evaluation
  • Alternative assessment


Levy-Vered, A., & Nasser-Abu Alhija, F. (2018). The power of a basic assessment course in changing preservice teachers' conceptions of assessment. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 59, 84-93.

Ranking Journal: Q1.

Huber-Shelly, H. & Levy-Vered, A. (2017). Theory and practice of alternative assessment in higher education. In: H. Vidergor & O. Sela (Eds.), Innovative Teaching Strategies for Lifelong Learning in Higher Education: From Theory to Practice (pp.55-72).

Levy-Vered, A. & Nasser-Abu Alhija, F. (2015). Modeling Beginning Teachers' Assessment Literacy: The Contribution of Training, Self-Efficacy and Conceptions of Assessment. Educational Research and Evaluation, 21(5-6), 378-406. 

Ranking Journal: Q2.

Nasser-Abu Alhija, F., & Levy, A. (2009). Effect Size Reporting Practices in Published Articles. Educational and Psychological Measurement ,69(2), 245-265.

Ranking Journal: Q2. Impact factor: 1.548.

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