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Ahmad Idilbi, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • ​Assistant Professor (Research) at Wayne State University
  • Post-doctoral at Duke university, Penn-State university
  • Researcher at the European Center for Nuclear theory at Trento, Italy

Research Interests

  • ​High-Energy Physics, The Large Hadron Collider Collider Physics and Higgs Boson production
  • Spin Physics and semi-conductivity at the nano scale


  • ​Quantum Physics
  •  Modern Physics
  • Mechanics and Electromagnetism
  • Special Theory of Relativity


  • Higgs Boson Production at the LHC
  • Factorization Theorem for Drell-Yan Process with q_T Dependence
  • Glauber Gluons in Heavy Ion Physics
  • Universality of Spin-dependent Hadronic Matrix Elements
  • Singular and Regular Gauges in And the Structure of Wilson Lines

Other Interests

Nano-Physics and Conductivity.

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