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Aiala Wengrowicz Feller

Academic Positions

  • Pedagogical Director Time Tunnel Program – TARASA
  • Lecturer at the Informal Education Department, the Arab Academic Institute of Education and the Buber Center for Dialogue Education

Research Interests

  • ​Art and Education
  • Visual Culture
  • History and Memory
  • Holocaust Teaching
  • Oral History


  • Creative Processes A: The Individual and the Group - Informal Education
  • Creative Processes B: The Group and the Community - Informal Education
  • Teacher training for historical documentation TARASA Program
  • Creative and Entrepreneurial Thinking - The Arab Academic Institute for Education

Art Exhibitions and Projects

  • Exhibitions and Educational/ Social Projects at the Beit Berl Academic College in the framework of the Time Tunnel Program- the Informal Education Department and the Program for Teaching the Holocaust and Israeli Society.
  •  "Being an Immigrant: In a Personal Voice"- Migration: Educational, Cultural and  Political Aspects Conference, 2019
  • "Mulu Alem: The World as a Whole" - Seminar dedicated to the History of Ethiopian Jews and the Memory of those who perished on their way to Israel, 2018
  • "Good People Midway" - The Story of the Administrative Workers of Beit Berl Academic College, 2016
  • "Poetry in the Garden" - Poetry and Photography in the Botanic Beit Berl Gardens, 2012
  • "Protecting Against Chaos" - Education and Educators during the Holocaust - Educational Dilemmas, 2012


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