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Alon Levkowitz. Dr.

Academic Positions

​Head of the Social Science and Civics Department


​Dr. Alon Levkowitz is an expert in the foreign and defense policy of the East Asian nations, with an emphasis on the Korean peninsula, and on their relations with the Middle East, as well as in democracy studies and Israeli politics. He obtained his PhD from the Department of International Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and undertook postdoctoral research on Asia at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He has published studies on the relations between North and South Korea and the Middle East, and together with other researchers he has explored Japanese democracy and written civics textbooks in Israel.


  • אלון לבקוביץ (2003). קוריאה: היסטוריה ופוליטיקה. הוצאת אוניברסיטת תל-אביב.
  • Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Nissim Otmazgin and Alon Levkowitz (eds.)(2014) Japanese Democracy: A Multilayered Approach. Lexington Books.
Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Sigal Ben-Refael Galanti, and Alon Levkowitz (2016) "Learning about attitudes to Civic Education from high school Textbooks," Meitan Higher Education, 34(1), pp. 113-118.
  • Sigal Ben-Refael Galanti and Alon Levkowitz  (2015) "Attitudes towards judicial review in Japan and the South of Korea: indications for the existence of a liberal-democratic civic culture," International Review of Sociology.
  • Irina Lyan and Alon Levkowitz (2105) "From Holy Land to 'Hallyu Land': The Symbolic Journey Following the Korean Wave in Israel", Fandom Studies, Vol. 3, No. 1.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2013) "South Korea's Middle East policy: Balancing between global and local interests and the "Arab Spring", Mideast Security and Policy Studies, No. 106.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2013) "Korea's Wartime Command – Sovereignty, Security and Independence", Military & Strategic Affairs, Vol. 2, No.5.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2012) "Korea and the Middle East Turmoil: A Reassessment of South Korea–Middle East Relations", The Korean Journal of Defense Analysis, Vol.24, No.2.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2010) "The Republic of Korea and the Middle East: Economics, Diplomacy, and Security", KEI Academic Paper Series, Vol.5, No.6.
  • Kobi Kagan, Alon Levkowitz, Asher Tishler, Avi Weiss (2009) "Evaluating Strategic Arms Limitation Agreements, with Applications to the Israeli-Syrian and the North vs. the South Korean Conflicts", Defense and Peace Economics, Vol.20, No.2.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2008) "Changes in Threat perceptions in Korea: Why?", Papers of the British Association for Korean Studies, Vol.12, No.2.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2008) "The 7th Withdrawal – Has the U.S. forces' journey back home from Korea begun?", International Relations of the Asia-Pacific,Vol.8, No.2.
  • Alon Levkowitz (2008) "Kim Il-sung and Mao Zedong – "Brothers in Arm", Zmanim, No.101 (Hebrew).


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