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Amit Dagan, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer at the Department of Israel Studies and Geography

Teaching and Research Fields

​Dr. Amit Dagan is an archeologist who specializes in the Bronze Age and the First and Second Temple periods. He completed his PhD at Bar-Ilan University, and his thesis examined everyday life in Judea in the eighth century BCE, the relations between Judah and Philistia, and the regional and ethnic changes that occurred in the population along the border between the two areas. His MA dissertation examined the rural domain in Philistia, including the first publication of the findings of the excavation at the Hurvat Shimon site, which will be published by Harrassowitz Verlag. In 2010-2011 he was a research fellow at the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research. Over the past decade he has excavated the underground city of the biblical Gath / Tel Tzafit on behalf of the Archeological Institute at Bar-Ilan University and has directed the archeological laboratory of the Tel Tzafit excavations, which is headed by Prof. Aharon Meir. He also served as a researcher and excavator at the Tel Burna excavations for the Archeological Institute of Ariel University, directed by Dr. Itzik Shai, and the Tel Rosh excavations for Kinneret College and the Open University, directed by Dr. Chaya Katz. He is active in education, teaching, and archeological research and served as a researcher and as administrative director of the Minerva Institute for the Relations between Israel and Aram in Biblical Times, directed by Prof. Aharon Meir (Bar-Ilan) and Angelika Berlin (Leipzig, Germany). Dr. Dagan is currently a researcher in a project to explore early writing in the first millennium, directed by Prof. Esther Eshel of Bar-Ilan University and Prof. Michael Langolis of Strasbourg University, France. Dr. Dagan teachers at additional academic institutions, including Bar-Ilan University, Ariel University, and the Open University. 


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  • Eliyahu Behar, A. Workman, V. and Dagan, A (In press) - "Early Iron Production at Philistine Tell es-Safi/Gath vs. Israelite Megiddo: A Proposed Comparative Study". In Berlejung, A. and Maeir, M. A. (eds.). Research on Israel and Aram in Biblical Times. VOL 1. Oriental Religions in Antiquity. Mohr Siebeck Tübingen.
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Edited Books
  • 2012 - מסע בזמן - טיולים אל העבר. כתיבה: יעקב שקולניק   עריכה מדעית: עמית דגן.הוצאת מפה.  
  • Shai, I., Dagan, A., Hitchcock, L., Chadwick, J. R. and Uziel, J. (eds.). (2018).   Tell it in Gath: Studies in the History and Archaeology of Israel. (Essays in Honor of A. M. Maeir on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday”.  Ugarit-verlag , Ägypten Und Altes Testament (ÄAT)
  • Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Books
  • Amit Dagan and Aren Maeir. (2018). "Ḥorvat Shimon: An Eight Century BCE Site in the Periphery of Tell es-Safi/Gath."  In Maeir, A. M. and Uziel, J. (Eds.). Tell es – Safi/Gath II. Ägypten und Altes Testament. Harrassowitz Verlag. Wiesbaden.  
  • Dagan, A. (Submitted).  "Metal Object from Middle Bronze Age tombs."  In Uziel, J. (ed.). Tell Nagila Final Publication. 
  • Dagan, A. (Submitted). "Decorated Bones Object." In Uziel, J. (ed.). Dagan, A. Tell Nagila Final Publication.

Additional Publications
  • שי, א. עוזיאל, ג'. דגן, ע. וקאסוטו, ד -"גילוי לבנה”.  ארץ וטבע. 129: 56- 61. 2011
  • "The Entanglement of Aegean Style Ritual Actions in Philistine Culture". Hitchcock, A. L., Maeir, M. A.  and  Dagan. A. (2014)


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