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Amnon Karmon, Dr.


Academic Positions

  • Academic Director of the School Principals Training Program
  • Academic Adviser of the Keshet Center

Research Interests

  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Globalization and Education
  • Organization of Knowledge in Education


  • School Leadership in the age of Globalization
  • Teaching for Understanding
  • Organization of Knowledge and Mobilizing change in Schools
  • Standards, Achievements Tests and Beyond


  • ​Karmon, A. & Segal, S. & Koren, D. & Harpaz, Y. (2006) The Third Approach and the Organization of Knowledge:  An Outline for Thinking Oriented Teacher Training, (Hebrew) Tel Aviv: The Mofet Institute
  • Karmon, A. (2006) "Institutional Organization of Knowledge: Concepts of Knowledge and Reproduction Mechanisms" (Hebrew), Dapim, 43, 10-38
  • Karmon, A. (2007) "Institutional Organization of Knowledge: The Missing Link in Educational Discourse" (English), Teachers Collage Record, 109, 603-634
  • Karmon, A. (2010) "The Pedagogical Discipline: Towards a Reorganization of Knowledge in School" (Hebrew), Theory and Practice in Curriculum Design, 21, 69-114
  • Karmon, A. (2016) "Education for Meaning: Outline of a comprehensive educational concept for schools in the 21st century" (Hebrew), in Back, S. ed, Information, Knowledge and Cognizance: The DNA of Education, 31-70, Tel Aviv: Mofet

Other Interests

  • Arts Education
  • Interdisciplinary in Education and other Professions

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