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Ariel Sarid, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Head of the Master's Program for Management and Organization of Educational Systems.

Research Interests

  • ​ Educational leadership
  • Educational philosophy and theory
  • Dialogic education
  • Curriculum development
  • Teacher training


  • Seminar: Management and social justice
  • Transformative leadership and the promotion of sustainability citizenship
  • Practicum: for Master's program in school leadership
  • Philosophy of education


  • Sarid, A. (2020). The radical critique of culture and social justice educational leadership. International Journal of Leadership in Education.
  • Sarid, A. (2019). Social justice dilemmas: A multidimensional framework of social justice educational leadership. Leadership and Policy in Schools,
  • Sarid, A. (2017). A theory of education. Cambridge Journal of Education, 48 (4), 479-494
  • Sarid, A. (2017). Rethinking the modernist curriculum with Habermas's concept of self-critical appropriation, Journal of Curriculum Studies, 49 (4), 456-475
  • Sarid, A. (2017). Self-critical appropriation: An assessment of Bauman's view of education in liquid modernity. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 49 (5), 462-472
  • Sarid, A. (2016). Integrating leadership constructs into the Schwartz value-scale: methodological implications for research, Journal of Leadership Studies, 10 (1), 8-17
  • Sarid, A. (2012). Systematic Thinking on Dialogical Education. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 44 (9), 926-941

Other Interests

  • Ethics in educational research – member of the institutional Ethics Committee
  • Excellence in education
  • Educational Dilemmas


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