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Avi Abargel, Dr.


Academic Positions

​Lecturer in the National Security and Home Front Defense program.


Dr. Abargel is a doctor of medicine from Ben Gurion University. He is an expert in midwifery and gynecology and completed a sub-specialization in laparoscopic surgery at Sydney Women’s Endoscopic Center (SWEC) in Australia. 
Dr. Abargel served as a military physician in the IDF for some 25 years, filling various positions on the battalion, brigade, and division levels before serving as head of the Medical Services Division in the Medical Corps. His last position in the military was Medical Commander of the Homefront Command, at the rank of colonel, a post that included responsibility for preparing the health system for emergencies and disasters. He has participated in three international search and rescue teams following earthquakes in India in 2001, Haiti in 2010, and the Philippines in 2013. 
Dr. Abargel chaired the 3rd International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies & Disasters (IPRED) 2014. He also holds an MA in Health Systems Management from Ben Gurion University and another MA in Political Science from the Department of National Security at the University of Haifa, as a graduate of the National Security College.

Selected Publications

  • ​Pinkert MPI, Dar SPI, Goldberg Dc, Abargel Ac, Cohen-Marom Oc, Kreiss Yc, Merin OPI. (2013) O.A, Lessons learned from an obstetrics and gynecology field hospital response to natural disasters.  Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2013 September; 122(3):532-536.(I.F=4.798)
  •  Bar-On EPI, Abargel API, Peleg Kc, Kreiss Yc. (2013) O.A, Coping with the Challenges of Early Disaster Response: 24 Years of Field Hospital Experience After Earthquakes Disaster Med Public Health Prep. 2013 Oct; 18:1-8.(I.F= 1.141)
  • Lin G, Lavon H, Gelfond R, Abargel A, Merin O. (2010 ) Hard times call for creative solutions: medical improvisations at the Israel Defense Forces Field Hospital in Haiti.  Am J Disaster Med. May-Jun;5(3):188-92. (I.F =1.994)
  •  Kreiss Y, Merin O, Peleg K, Levy G, Vinker S, Sagi R, Abargel A, Bartal C, Lin G, Bar A, Bar-On E, Schwaber MJ, Ash N Early Disaster Response in Haiti: The Israeli Field Hospital Experience. Ann Intern Med. 2010 May (I.F = 16.729)
  • Barhama G, Abergel A, Haviv J, Fire G, Huerta M. (2009). Patient complaints in the IDF Medical Services Center: identifying correlates of non-satisfaction from medical encounters. J Israeli Military Medicine 1(17):12-16 [Hebrew]
  •  Abargel A, Avinoach I, Kravtsov V, Boaz M, Glezerman M, Menczer J.  (2004). Expression of p27 and p53: comparative analysis of uterine carcinosarcoma and endometrial carcinoma. Int J Gynecol Cancer. Mar-Apr;14(2):354-9. (I.F = 1.558)
  •  Fingerhut LA, Aharonson-Daniel L, Mackenzie EJ, Ziv A, Boyko V, Abargel A, Avitzour M, Heruti R   The Barell matrix. Inj Prev. 2002 Sep;8(3):259. (I.F = 1.504)
  • Barell V, Aharonson-Daniel L, Fingerhut LA, Mackenzie EJ, Ziv A, Boyko V, Abargel A, Avitzour M, Heruti R An introduction to the Barell body region by nature of injury diagnosis matrix. Inj Prev. 2002 Jun;8(2):91-6. (I.F = 1.504)
  • Herman A, Abargel A, Maymon R, Dreazen E, Tovbin Y, Weinraub Z. Reconstructed measurements produced from ultrasound images using a computerized system. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2001 Jan;17(1):54-7. (I.F = 3.163)
  • Scope A, Farkash U, Lynn M, Abargel A, Eldad A. Mortality epidemiology in low-intensity warfare: Israel Defense Forces' experience. Injury. 2001 Jan;32(1):1-3. (I.F = 2.269) 11. Abargel A, Sharabi Y, Scope A, Hanin A, Eldad A. Do accidents happen accidentally? A study of trauma registry and periodical examination database. J Trauma. 2001 Jan;50(1):20-3. (I.F = 3.129)
  •  Abargel A, Pansky M, Neeman O, Bukovsky I. Torsion of single normal adnexa in a premenarchal girl. J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc. 2000 Aug;7(3):421-2. (I.F = 1.556)
  • Farkash U, Scope A, Lynn M, Kugel C, Maor R, Abargel A, Eldad A. Preliminary experience with postmortem computed tomography in military penetrating trauma. J Trauma. 2000 Feb;48(2):303-8; discussion 308-9. (I.F = 3.129)
  • Pansky M, Abargel A, Dreazen E, Golan A, Bukovsky I, Herman A. Conservative management of adnexal torsion in premenarchal girls. J Am Assoc Gynecol Laparosc. 2000 Feb;7(1):121-4. (I.F = 1.556)
  •  Fridman Z, Borosozki R, Lynn M, Scope A, Maor R, Abargel A, Levy Y, Eldad A. Israeli Defence Forces registry of trauma injury data Harefuah. 2000 May 1;138(9):770-7. [Article in Hebrew]
  • Pansky M, Abargel A, Neeman O et al. Gynecological Laparoscopic Survey: Israel 1998 Isr J Obstet Gynecol, 2000, 11 p 131-3 [Article in Hebrew]
  •  Abargel A, Livne A Renal biopsy in SLE value and indications Harefuah, 1991, 120 p 307-313[Article in Hebrew]

Chapters in Peer-Reviewed Books

  • מילדות גינקולוגיה ורבייה עורך: פרופ' אברהם גולן מהדורה רביעית מורחבת 1997 בהוצאת אוניברסיטת תל אביב הפקולטה לרפואה. מחלות כבד בהריון – פרק 33 - ד"ר אבי אברג'ל וד"ר דן שרמן עמודים 307-312.​

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