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Avi Bitzur, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Head of the Master's Program for Management and Organization of Educational Systems.


  • National security
  • Home front defense
  • Gerontology
  • Administration and public management


  • Bitzur, Avraham, (2013), The  Status  Of  The  Home  Front  In The  Israeli National  Security In Israel, Lambert Pub. Germany, PP. 94
  • Bitzur , A. , (2017) , "The future of ageing as reflected in Gose' Saramagos novell "Death with Interruptions" - Israel as a case study"  International journal of social science studies,2017 , Vol 5 , No.11 , November (2017) Redfame Pub. , U.S.A ,  nov. 2017
  • Bitzur ,A. (2017),"the struggle against elderly abuse and mistreatment", International association of gerontology and geriatric conference, San Francisco, USA ,July 2017-accepted
  • Bitzur,a. (2017),"the struggle with anxiety among the elderly-lessons from operation "protective edge", International journal of sociology sciences studies ,Vol. 5 , No. 2 , February 2017 , Redfame pub. , USA, pp. 1-6

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