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Bezalel Mutsafi, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer in the Non-Profit Organizations Management track


​Dr. Mutsafi completed his PhD at the Hebrew University on the subject of “Economic and Political Aspects in Planning the Defense Budget,” a field that combines his professional experience over the years with academic theories. During his military service he filled a range of roles at all levels in the unit of the Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff / Budgets Division in the Defense Ministry, competing 25 years of service at the rank of colonel. He was involved in preparing work plans for the IDF and in planning and managing the defense budget, working closely with the decision makers. He also served as the Vice CEO – Finance of the Hebrew University for 15 years.
Dr. Mutsafi now teaches at Beit Berl College and at the Hebrew University. 


  • PhD in Economics and Political Science, Hebrew University 
  • MA in Economics, Hebrew University 
  • MA in Political Science, University of Haifa 
  • BA in Economics, Tel Aviv University 
  • Military education – National Security College, Command and Staff College


  • היבטים כלכליים ופוליטיים בתכנון תקציב הביטחון - חיבור לשם קבלת תואר דוקטור, 1998.
  •  התפתחות תקציב הביטחון 1974 – 1994, משרד הביטחון היחידה לתיעוד ומחקר היסטורי, יולי 1988.
  •  מ"המשביר לעולה" לארגון הקניות – תהליך ההתפתחות של מושבי הנגב – חיבור לשם קבלת תואר מוסמך בחוג לכלכלה, 1987.
  • התפתחות הסיוע הביטחוני מארה"ב – חיבור במסגרת המכללה לביטחון לאומי של צה"ל, 1992.

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