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Chaim Lahav, Dr.


Academic Positions


Research Interests

  • ​Social-Pedagogy
  • Young adult at-risk
  • Socio-educational services
  • Covert & overt dropouts
  • Religion and risk behavior
  • Ultra-orthodox youth at-risk
  • Emerging adulthood


  • ​Introduction course: Advancement of Youth At-Risk in Israel
  • The professional identity of 'Youth At-risk workers'
  • Youth At-Risk
  • Introduction course: Advancement of religious ultra-Orthodox Youth At-Risk


  • Lahav c. (2014), Operational management challenges in Human services, an era of diversity & complexity, University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Economics & Business Administration, Department of Management. (The 7th International Conference Managerial Challenges of the Contemporary Society)
  • Lahav, c. (2015). STRATEGIES AND POLICIES FOR MINIMIZING DROPOUT FROM THE EDUCATION SYSTEM, CASE STUDY: ISRAEL, Doctoral Thesis Summery, UNIVERSITY BABEŞ-BOLYAI, Faculty of economics and business, Department of management
  • Lahav, H., Vered Ne'eman-Haviv and Yael Wilzik Aviad, (2018), The uniqueness of the national-religious youth at risk and their challenges, social issues in Israel 91: The University of Ariel Press :91-119
  •  Lahav, C. (2019), The 'Personalized Services Approach': A central component to work with youth at-risk, in: MASHAV Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation Ministry of Foreign - Affairs booklet for 2019, published by The Aaron Ofori MASHAV International Educational Training Center Jerusalem / p 2-5
  • Lahav, C. (2019). Young people at-risk in the transition from adolescence to adulthood life. in: Bonnie-Noah, H., Nathan, S. and Ben Refaeli-Galanti,(Eds), Youth in Israel, Reality and the Challenge, Published by Beit Berl College, Gandyr Foundation, Lamerhav Association and Ashalim Association : 195-208

Other Interests

  • ​Strategies and policies for minimizing dropout from the education system - the Israeli case study
  • The Personalized services approach (P.S.A): A key component in operating and managing socio-educational services
  • Operational management challenges in Human services, an era of diversity & complexity
  • The Emerging Adulthood: A Perspective on the transition from adolescence to adulthood - the Israeli case

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