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Dalya-Yafa Markovich, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Senior lecturer

Research Interests

  • ​Ethnicity, nationality and class and their effect on disadvantaged students
  • The 'Other' in the group/class
  • Critical and multicultural pedagogies in the field of Art education


  • The 'Other' and the Israeli Education System
  • The Israeli Society as a Multi-Cultural Society
  • The 'Other' Student in Group
  • Radical Pedagogies
  • Multiculturalism and Art Education
  • On Showrooms, Art and Pedagogy


  • Markovich, Y.D. (2019). Nationality and Ethnicity in an Israeli School: A Case of Jewish-Arab Students. Routledge: London and New York. P. 1–102.
  • Markovich, Y. D., (PI) Golan, D., & Shalhoub-Kevorkian, N. (Eds.). (in print). Engaged Students in Conflict Zones, Community-Engaged Courses in Israel as a Vehicle for Change, Palgrave Macmillan Press: U.K.
  • Markovich, Y. D. (2018). Culture instead of politics: Negotiating 'Otherness' in intercultural educational activity. Intercultural Education, 29(2) 281-300
  • Markovich, Y. D. (2016). Ethnicity vs. nationality in one nationalized educational site. Critical Studies in Education, 57(2), 238-253
  • Markovich, Y. D. (2015). The personal as political:  The function of the private space in contextualizing the "Other" in Jewish-Palestinian encounters. Journal of Peace Education, 12(2), 167-181
  • Markovich, Y. D. (PI) and Rapoport, T. (C) (2013). Creating art, creating identity: Under-privileged pupils in art education challenge critical pedagogy practices. International Journal of Education through Art, 9(1), 7-22.

Other Interests


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