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שעות קבלה
דואר אלקטרוני

Einat Baram Eshel, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Head of Yemima Center for the Research and Teaching of Children’s and Youth Literature

Research Interests

  • Poetry and Prosody
  • Children's Literature
  • Haskalah Literature


  • Introduction to Children's Literature: The Invention of Childhood
  • Essentials of Children's Literature: Genres, Narratives, Theories
  • Bibliotherapy for Children: A Critical Study
  • Children's Literature and the Multicultural Challenge
  • Studies in Modern Hebrew Literature (19th century) - Haskalah and Beyond


  • Baram Eshel, E. (2017). The Readings of Hebrew Children's Literature in the Story of the Flood. Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature, 29, pp. 186-211. [Hebrew]
  • Baram Eshel, E. (2016). Economics and Power in the Stories of Janusz Korczak: The Case of Little Jack. Issues in Education [Iyunim b’Ḥinuḥ] 13-14, pp. 460-480. [Hebrew]
  • Baram Eshel, E. & Livnat H. (2014). Professional Considerations in Choosing Children's Literature. Small World: A Journal of Children's Literature Study, 5, pp. 54-89 [Hebrew]
  • Baram Eshel, E. (2011). Representations of Reality in Hebrew Haskalah Literature 1857-1881. Tel Aviv: Hakibutz Hameuchad. [Hebrew]
  • Baram Eshel, E. (2001). Between the Pathway and the Highway: The Flourishing of the Hebrew Novella in the Beginning of the Twentieth Century. Jerusalem: The Hebrew University Magnes Press. [Hebrew]

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