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Einat Kleider-Tesler, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer and Pedagogic Instructor

Research Interests

  • ​Cognitive and emotional models in reading comprehension
  • Self-regulation and self-evaluation in learning
  • Types of feedback that effective in learning processes
  • Computerized training to promote reading comprehension and calibration


  • Accommodating Teaching of Content Areas for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Special Education Methodology
  • Teaching reading & writing for pupils with difficulties (workshop)


​Katzir, T., Markovich, V., Tesler, E. & Shany, M. (2018).  Self-regulation and reading comprehension: self-perceptions, self-evaluations and effective strategies for intervention. Submitted for publication in Meltzer, L. (Ed.). (2016). Executive function in education: From theory to practice 2nd Edition. Guilford Press.

Other Interests

  • ​Diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities
  • Developing academic intervention    
  • programs in the field of language and literacy
  • Member of the Board of the non-profit organization “EGDAL” (The Israeli Association of  Learning Disability Experts)


​Link to Tesler Center's website a multi field learning and treatment center that I own and manage:

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