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Esther Openhaim, Dr.

Academic Positions

Professional Coordinator in the field of mathematics education and pedagogical counselor in the program "mathematics education Trump above and beyond". 

Research Interests

  • Preparing teachers for teaching mathematics
  • Professional development of teachers of mathematics
  • Pedagogical aspects and issues in teaching mathematics


  • ​Didactic method of teaching mathematics and mathematics "lens"
  • Practices in teaching mathematics
  • Self-study-oriented math subjects -from mathematics curriculum for 12-k -level 5
  • Internship workshop specializing in mathematics
  • Teacher workshop, teachers start math

Publications and Projects

  • Openhaim.E.(1996)- "Constructing approximation to the sine function mathematical laboratory activities"- על"ה 22 82-77
  • Openhaim.E , Zavi N.(2002)- "We went back to the magic circle with C.A.S" על"ה, 29, 66-57
  • Openhaim.E.(2011)-" Integrals in an overview-" National Center for mathematics teachers in high education, university of Haifa 
  • Openhaim.E.(2013)-" Planning and organization of learning in the new questionnaires 801-807 distinctions." Teachers Center for mathematics in secondary education from the University of Haifa.
  • Openhaim.E.(2018)- "Developing research activities on the subject of extreme problems in Calculus". Displayed in two conferences:
    26 march 2018 , National Conference of teachers of mathematics – Shefayim, Israel.
    24 June 2018, ICT Conference at Davidson, Weizmann Institute of science, Israel.

Other Interests

  • Integrating technology in teaching mathematics
  • Mathematics education issues teaching differential diagnosis
  • Evaluation in math class


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