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Ina Ben-Uri, Dr.



Academic Positions

  • Head of Master's Program in Educational Counseling
  • Member of Research Ethics Committee
  • Member of Education Faculty Committee
  • Member of Research Team in the ProTeach Erasmus+ Program of the European-Union: International Multiplayer Induction Teams (MIT)

Research Interests

  • Teachers' Self-Efficacy
  • Work-Family integration in teachers' and pre-service teachers' lives
  • School-counselors' leadership
  • Novice-teachers


  • Issues of adolescent psychology for teachers
  • Professional Principles in school-counseling
  • Leadership in school-counselors' work
  • Practical training - Individual and group supervision


  • Tatar, M., Ben-Uri, I., & Horenczyk, G. (2011). Assimilation attitudes predict lower immigration-related self-efficacy among Israeli immigrant teachers, European Journal of Psychology of Education, 26, 247-255
  • Ben-Uri, I. (2014). Teacher's Self-Efficacy Orientation – Possible implements in school-counselors' leadership, School- ounseling (Heb), 23, 55-68
  • Ben-Uri, I. (2016). "Fatherhood in the Classroom": When Life as a Father meets the Teaching Profession, In M. Carmo (Ed.), Education Applications & Developments, 2nd ed. Lisbon: inScience Press

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