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Karen Abel

Academic Positions

​Lecturer and pedagogical advisor at Beit Berl college 


  • Masters of Education in Teaching Through the Arts from Lesley University, Boston, USA. 
  • Taught English as a Foreign Language to different age groups ranging from primary and junior high school to the college (Beit Berl) and university (Open University, Tel Aviv) levels as well as to teachers through the Centre for Educational Technology (CET-מטח)
  • Taught and developed programs within the regular framework as well as alternatives such as English for Native Speakers, Gifted Children and an Enrichment Program for primary school children
  • Counseled teachers and developed courses for them on various topics


  • Oral Proficiency levels 3 & 4.
  •  Language Teaching Methodology for Primary School
  • Teaching English for Young Learners
  • ​Multiple Intelligence Theory
  • Identifying and Providing for Weak Learners in Heterogeneous Classes
  • Alternative Assessment
  • New Curriculum and Incorporating Technology in English lessons

Other Interests

Together with a colleague, I wrote and produced musical shows for primary school children which were performed throughout the country.​ I am actively involved in the Academic Project in Kfar Yona as a pedagogical advisor as well as teaching courses for the English teachers. And also on the National Curriculum Committee for aligning the English Curriculum with the CEFR as well as the sub-committee for developing the Vocabulary Lists.

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