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Liora Grilak, Dr.

Academic Positions

​Lecturer at the Department of Hebrew Language and in editing and translating programs

Teaching and Research Fields

Dr. Liora Grilik is a linguist and a lecturer who holds a PhD in Hebrew Language from Tel Aviv University. Her field of specialization is Rabbinical Hebrew. Her doctoral thesis describes morphological aspects of Rabbinical Hebrew based on the Halakhic Midrashim, by comparison to Biblical Hebrew and to other works in the rabbinical literature.
Dr. Grilik is a lecturer at Beit Berl College in the Department of Hebrew Language, in retraining programs for academics, and in diploma programs in the field of textual editing and translation from English to Hebrew. She formerly taught in the Department of Hebrew Language at Tel Aviv University. She also runs workshops in normative editing and scientific editing as part of the linguistic editing programs at Tel Aviv University.
From 2013/14 through 2015/16, Dr. Grilik headed the foundation studies in Hebrew Language, and from 2013/14 through 2016/17 she served as head of the Department of Hebrew Language at Beit Berl College.
Research fields: Rabbinical Hebrew, Hebrew language of different periods, and the affinity of Modern Hebrew to the earlier periods of the language.

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