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Manal Gabour, Dr.

Research Interests

​The Convex Feasibility Problem, i.e.  the problem of finding a point in the intersection of a family of closed convex sets in Banach spaces. This problem is of broad interdisciplinary interest in many areas of applied mathematics and engineering. In mathematical programming it us usually stated as the problem of finding a solution of nonlinear inequalities. It also arises in set theoretic design, estimation problems, transportation, antenna array design, communication, topography, digital filter design and image recovery problems.


  • ​Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Mathematical Logic and Set Theory
  • The History of Mathematics


  • Rasslan, A., Gabour, M. 2016. Special Paths in Lattice Rectangles. Journal of Mathematical Sciences (3), 120-125.
  • Gabour, M.,  Reich, S.,  Zaslavski, A. 2014. A Generic Fixed Point Theorem. Indian Journal of Mathematics (56), 25-32.
  • Gabour, M., Reich, S., Zaslavski, A. 2000. A Class of Dynamical Systems with a Convex Lyapunov Function. Experimental, Constructive and Nonlinear Analysis,  Canadian Mathematical Society Conference Proceedings (27), 83-91.
  • Gabour, M., Reich, S., Zaslavski, A. 2001.Generic Convergence of Algorithms for Solving Stochastic Feasibility Problems. Inherently Parallel Algorithms in Feasibility and Optimization and their Applications, Studies in Computational Mathematics, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam (8), 279-295.
  • Gabour, M., Reich, S. 2012. The Expected Retraction Method in Banach Spaces. Optimization Theory and Related Topics, Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings, Cotemporary Mathematics (568), 69-75.

Other Interests

​Teaching mathematics through research problems that combine mathematical knowledge from various fields such as algebra, geometry, and calculus.

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