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Moanes Tibi, Dr.​

Academic Positions


Research Interests

  • ​Developing teaching and learning models in online environments
  • Exploring the effect of ICT on teaching and learning and on society in general
  • Developing computer science teaching programs for young people


  • Introduction to Databases
  • Internet Programming
  • Logical Programming
  • Website Building and Design
  • Seminar in computer science education


  • Tibi, M.H. (2018). Computer Science Students’ Attitudes towards the Use of Structured and Unstructured Discussion Forums in Fully Online Courses. Online Learning Consortium -OLJ 22(1), 93-106. doi:10.24059/olj.v22i1.995
  • Tibi, M. H. (2017). Computer Science Online Learning: The Impact of Structured Discussion Forums. Scholars' Press. Printed by Schaltungsdienst Lange o.H.G., Berlin. ISBN: 978-3-639-71731-0.
  • Asad, K., Tibi, M.H. & Raiyn, J. (2016). Primary School Pupils’ Attitudes toward Learning Programming through Visual Interactive Environments. World Journal of Education, 6(5), 20-26.
  • Tibi, M. H. (2016). Essential Components in Structuring Asynchronous Discussion Forums. TOJDE - The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education, 17(2), 88-97.
  • Tibi, M. H. (2015). Improving Collaborative Skills by Computer Science Students through Structured Discussion Forums. Journal of Technologies in Education, 10 (3-4), 27-41.

Other Interests

  • Online learning
  • Web development
  • Impact of ICT on Education & Society
  • CS4kids


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