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שעות קבלה
דואר אלקטרוני

Mostafa Badran, Dr.

Academic Positions

  • Head of ME.D Program Education and Arab Heritage in Israel
  • Head of the College Disciplinary Committee

Research Interests

  • Modern History of the Middle East 
  • Arab historiography in the modern era


  • Introduction of the modern history of the Middle East
  • The Middle East countries after the First World War
  • The growth and rise of the Arab national movement
  • Education and Identity in Teaching Arabic Language
  • Teaching methods of history


  • "Palestinian Historical Writing during the Mandate Period", Al-Nabras, Vol. 4, 2008, 7-25 (in Arabic).
  • “Egyptian Historiography on the Egyptian Regime in Sudan in the 19th Century”, Jama'a, vol 20, 2012, pp. 73-112.
  • “The Palestinian Historiography of Family Leadership during the British  Mandate”, Journal of Levantine Studies, Vol. 4 no. 1 (Summer 2014), pp. 65- 106.
  • "The Strengthening of the Elite Families in Palestinian Arab Society in the nineteenth and early twentieth century", Al-Hasad, Vol. 5 (2015), pp. 203-223 (in Arabic).
  • "The Identity of the Palestinian Arabs from the end of the Ottoman period to the end of the British Mandate period", Al-Hasad, Vol. 8 ,2018, pp. 64-108 (in Arabic).
  • "The Perception of Power in Palestinian Society during the Mandate Period", in Copti et al.  (Eds.), Historical Essays in Honor of Dr. Boutrous Abu-Mena, Beirut: The Institute for Palestinian Research, 2011, pp. 267-296  (in Arabic).

Other Interests

​Teaching methods of history

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