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Najwan Saada, Dr.

Academic Positions


Research Interests

  • ​Critical theories in education
  • Sociology of education
  • Multicultural education, 
  • Religious (Islamic education)
  • Citizenship education
  • Values and moral education
  • Critical pedagogy


  • ​Issues of education in multicultural societies
  • The challenges of education in a postmodern society
  • Education for a shared society
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Continuity and change in curriculum planning
  • Values education


  • ​Saada, N. (2013). Teachers’ perspectives of citizenship education in Islamic schools in Michigan. Theory & Research in Social Education, 41(2), 247-273
  • Saada, N. (2013). Critical reflections on values education for Arab students in Israel. Al-Hasad, 3, 73-94. (Arabic).
  • Saada, N. (2018). The theology of Islamic education from Salafi and liberal perspectives. Religious Education, 113 (4), 406-418 DOI: 10.1080/00344087.2018.1450607
  • Saada, N., & Gross, Z. (2019). The experiences of Arab teachers in Jewish schools in Israel. Teaching and Teacher Education, 79, 198-207
  • Saada, N. (2015). Retheorizing critical and reflective religious education in public schools. The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society,5 (4), 97-108
  • Saada, N. (2017). Schooling, othering, and the cultivation of Muslim students’ religious and civic identities. Journal of Religious Education, 64 (3), 179-195

Other Interests

  • ​Education and postcolonial theory
  • Values and moral education
  • Critical Islamic education
  • Citizenship education
  • Critical pedagogy


​Research Gate: Najwan Saada

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