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Nurit Buchweitz, Prof.

Academic Position

​Dean of the Faculty of Society and Culture


​Prof. Nurit Buchweitz earned her Ph.D in comparative literature at Tel Aviv University and holds a teaching certificate from the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. Her areas of interest are postmodernism – poetics and theory, post-humanism and 21st century writing, late-modernist Israeli poetry, the poetics of Meir Wiezeltier, the poetics of Michel Houellebecq. 
Prof. Buchweitz was chair of the Department of Hebrew and Comparative literature between 2008-2013 and since 2015 she is Dean of the Faculty of Society and Culture.  She was a visiting scholar in Ludwigsburg Pedagogical University, Germany, and in Krakow Pedagogical University, Poland.


Authored Books
  • Buchweitz, Nurit.  Permit to Pass: Generation Shift, Meir Wiezeltier and the Poetry of the 1960s. Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing 2008  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. An Officer of Civilization: The Poetics of Michel Houellebecq.  Peter Lang 2015
Edited Books
  • Buchweitz, Nurit, Abed Marii and Alon Fragman (eds.) In Others[s] Words: Studies in Hebrew and Arabic Literature.  Resling Publishing 2010   In Hebrew 
  • Padva, Gilad and Nurit Buchweitz (eds.) Sensational Visual Pleasures in Cinema, Literature and Visual Culture: The Phallic Eye. Palgrave Macmillan 2014 
  • Padva, Gilad and Nurit Buchweitz (eds.) Intimate Relationships in Literature, Cinema and the Arts. Palgrave Macmillan 2017.
Articles in Refereed Journals since 2010
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Who Decides On Me? On Evaluating Children’s Literature”. Olam Katan 4, 2010, pp. 41 – 50.  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Pornography and the Post-human in Michel Houellebecq's Novels." History and Theory: The Protocols  22,  October 2011, e-journal In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Exile, Immigration, Displacement in Nabokov’s ‘Dozen’" Mi-mamakim 48, 2012, e-journal  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "'Who, Among You, Deserves Eternal Life?' The Question of Religious Faith in the Society of Consumers, Michel Houellebecq's Answer". Studies in Cultural Research 2, Fall 2013, pp. 119-137. In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "'This is Not a Character': Resemblance and Similitude in Etgar Keret's Suddenly, a Knock on the Door". Studies in Literature and Language, vol. 7 no.2, 2013, pp. 101-108. 
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “The Personal and the Political in Dhalia Ravikovitch’s ‘Mother with Child’ Poems”  Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal, vol. 10, no. 1, Fall 2013, e-journal 
  • Heilbronner Oded and Nurit Buchweitz. "Noise? Or, Should We Be Afraid of Culture Studies?". Katharsis 18, Fall 2013, pp.98-141.  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "'All Components of the Scene Spread Aside': Meir Wiezeltier's Prose Writing". Dappim Lemechkar Besifrut 19, 2014.  In Hebrew 
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Reflexivity and Interconnection in Meir Wiezeltier's Poetry". Hebrew Higher Education, vol. 16 2014, pp. 147-155.
  • Buchweitz, Nurit and Cynthia Biron Cohen. "Ekphrasis in Michel Houellebecq's The Map and the Territory as mise-en-abyme and as metafiction". Journal of Literature and Art Studies vol.5(11), November 2015, pp. 1020-1030  
  • Buchweitz, Nurit and Elie Cohen-Gewerc. "Leisure and Posthumanism in Houellebecq's Platform and Lanzarote". CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture 17.4 (2015): pp. 25  
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "A Quest for Eternity in Aitmatov's The Day Lasts a Hundred Years" Mifgeshey Tarbut 5, 2016, pp. 85-95. In Hebrew 
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Multicultural containment and Aesthetic Education in Nakar-Sadi's Oxana". Hebrew Studies vol. LVIII, 2017, pp. 445-461
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "'The Seven Good Years as Etgar Keret's Rosetta Stone". BGU Review – A Journal of Israeli Culture, Fifth Issue, Winter 2018 []
Chapters in Books since 2010
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Late Modernism in the 1970s: New Flattened Dimensions”. In: Oded Heilbronner and Michael Levin (eds.), Israeli Modernism or Modernism in Israel. Resling Publishing 2010, pp, 303 – 332.  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “The Topography of Environment and Landscape in Erich Kästner’s Writings”. In: Hubertus Fische, Julia Metveev and Joachim Wolschke-Bulmann (eds.),  Natur- und Landschaftswahrnehmung in Deutschschprachiger Jüdischer und Christlicher Literatur der Ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts.  University of Hanover and Martin Meidenbauer Verlag, Munchen 2010, pp. 39-53.
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Writing in the Language of the Other”. In: Nurit Buchweitz, Abed Marii and Alon Fragman (eds.). In Others[s] Words: Studies in Hebrew and Arabic Literature. Resling Publishing, Tel Aviv 2010 , pp. 9 – 21.  In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Sixty Years of Polish Literature Translated into Hebrew: An Overview”. In: Mariusz Misztal and Piotr Troyanski (eds), Jews and Poles: History, Culture, Education. Wydawnictwo Naukowe University Press, Krakow 2011, pp. 102 – 121.
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Ethos, Telos and Steinberg’s Profiles”. In: Avidov Lipsker and Rella Kushlevsky (eds.), The Making of Stories: Research in Jewish Narrative. Bar Ilan University Press, Ramat-Gan 2013, pp.  353-366. In Hebrew
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Contemporary Jewish Life, Between Freedom and Tradition in Eliette Abécassis's novel  Et Te Voici Permise à Tout Homme". In: Hillel Weiss, Roman Katsman and Ber Kotlerman (eds.), Around The Point: Studies in Jewish Literature and Culture in Multiple Languages.  Hillel Weiss, Roman Katsman and Ber Kotlerman (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2014, pp. 231-255. 
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "A Feat of Fantasy: the Question of Magic in Korczak's Kaytek The Wizard". In: Agnieszka Chlosta-Sikorska, Hanna Stepniewska-Gebik and Pioter Trojanski (eds.), Korczakian Reminiscences: Selected Aspects of the Times and Legacy of Janusz Korczak. Krakow: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uviwersytetu Pedagogicznego (UP) Krakow, 2014, pp. 79-94.  
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Visions of the Future: Humans and Posthumans in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake". In: Thomas E. Bishop and Jeremy R. Strong (ed.), Imagining the End: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Apocalypse. Oxford, United Kingdom: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2015, pp. 143-162. 
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. "Vitalities and Fatalities in Etgar Keret's Graphic Fiction". In: Gilad Padva and Nurit Buchweitz (eds.) Sensational Visual Pleasures: The Phallic Eye. Palgrave Macmillan 2014, pp. 37-48. 
Articles in Conference Proceedings since 2010
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Transnationalism, Activism and Literature, the case of Michel Houellebecq”. Sappir Forum on Culture Studies (ed.) Workshop Conference 4: What is Cultural Change? pp. 177-180.  Shaar Negev: Sappir Academic College, 2010
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Israeli Modernism”. Sappir Forum on Culture Studies (ed.) Workshop Conference 6: Pinup, Visual Art, Cultural Relativism, pp. 11-17.  Shaar Negev: Sappir Academic College, 2011
  • Buchweitz, Nurit. “Pornography, male fantasy and the posthuman human in Michel Houellbecq”. Sappir Forum on Culture Studies (ed.) Workshop Conference 6: Pinup, Visual Art, Cultural Relativism, pp. 11-17.  Shaar Negev: Sappir Academic College, 2011

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