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Ofer Zemel, Dr.​

Academic Positions

​Lecturer at the Department of Criminology

Teaching and Research Fields

​Dr. Zemel has 14 years’ experience teaching at various academic institutions in Israel. She completed her PhD studies at Bar-Ilan University in the Department of Criminology, focusing on the field of youth delinquency in the Probation Service. Her teaching fields are: youth delinquency, organized crime in Israel and around the world, psychopathology, domestic violence, and crime in Israel. Dr. Zemel served for eight years as organizational coordinator and coordinator of practical experience for students in residential facilities, prisons, the police, emergency centers, drug rehabilitation centers, and the Center for Child Victims of Sexual Assault, at Jezreel Valley College, and for an additional two years at Kinneret College. Dr. Zemel currently teaches at Beit Berl College in the Criminology and Law Enforcement track, as well as at the University of Haifa.


  • Zemel, O., Ronel, N. & Einat, T. (2015). The Impact of Introspection and Resilience on Abstention and Desistance from Delinquent Behavior among Adolescents at Risk. European Journal of Criminology. 13(1) 111–128
  • Zemel, O., Einat, T. & Ronel, N. (2018). Criminal Spin, Self-Control and Desistance from Crime among Juvenile Delinquents: Determinism versus Free Will in a Qualitative Perspective. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. Article first published online: June 17, 2018.

Additional Academic Activity

​Dr. Zemel is writing two articles, one about youth delinquency and migration and the other about youth delinquency and control focusing. 

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